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“Annette is all heart and pours herself into her life with an undying enthusiasm. She is a great friend of mine and an inspiration to me. She is one of the leaders in sustainable design and has set a high benchmark in green residential design with the publishing of her book.” – Sharlyn T., Professional Peer

“I appreciate your time and effort, and have thoroughly enjoyed your company and your work.”  – Laura R., client

“As a residential designer, author and teacher, Annette’s focus is on the environment and sustainable residential improvement projects. I had the pleasure of collaborating with Annette on a mutual client’s project and was able to see firsthand her passion for making the world a better place. She has a particular interest in educating school-age children on how their actions today will impact the environment tomorrow. Besides her professional expertise, Annette has an engaging warmth and delightful sense of humor that is infectious and energizing. Looking forward to working with her again.” – Karen K., Professional Peer