Sustainable Renovation / Entire Residence

A fully aligned project team created a contemporary renovation from a home that was built in the 50’s, added onto in the 70’s and 90’s with interrupted flow from one room to another and aesthetic styles disjointedly reflecting the eras of construction.  The elegantly cohesive, sustainable and healthy design celebrates the client’s exquisite, contemporary art collection balanced by the magnificent views of the plains.  This contemporary, environmentally conscious home is a premier example of timeless design blending eco-friendly interior finishes and furnishings with the highest quality execution.

The exterior walls were maintained while the interiors were completely reconfigured to meet the growing family’s needs, use patterns, celebrating views plus room connections and layouts. The interior structure was deconstructed, repurposing everything from fixtures and windows, to cabinetry and equipment all carefully removed so they could be reused.

The walls throughout the main level are earthen-based plaster which works well with paper-lined gypsum board. The wall color is set on-site, eliminating the need for paint and off-gassing. Flooring throughout the home consists of natural stone and bamboo ensuring durability, healthy IAQ, and a long-life cycle.

Zero-VOC paints and finishes were used throughout the entire house improving indoor air quality and health of the residents. Formaldehyde-free cabinetry with water- based finishes were a very important aspect of maintaining the indoor air quality standard in the kitchen and bathrooms. In some cases, formaldehyde or VOC-free choices were not an option. In these cases, a sealant was used to prevent off-gassing.

The use of regional materials for all cabinetry, upholstery, and counters eliminate extra cost and energy consumption through shipping. The carpets and rugs were made of 100% wool, a natural renewable resource, and CRI Green Label Plus Certified. Natural materials are healthier for the occupants and the planet.

ENERGY STAR rated appliances and lighting provide the highest standard in energy efficiency and were selected to be used throughout the home. Water efficiency was realized with WaterSense high-efficiency, low-flow toilets plus low-flow faucets in kitchen and bathrooms.

“Annette is one of the most sincere, upbeat and driven professionals I have met.  I have enjoyed her company and valued her inspiration both on a professional and personal level.  Her enthusiasm go the best of her, from which we all benefited, when she created the Colorado Chapter of the USGBC.  She truly leaves no stone unturned.” – Doug Graybeal, Graybeal Architects

Project supervised and led by Annette K Stelmack while Design Director/Sr. Project Designer with Associates III.