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Annette is an engaging, inspirational and sought after educator, trainer and facilitator.  She develops and delivers sustainable curriculum through strategic public and private partnerships, USGBC Faculty, WELL Faculty, American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), and Interior Design Continuing Education Council (IDCEC). An innate teacher, Annette brings a contagious passion for sustainability to all her endeavors. Through her leadership, spirit, expertise, and resourcefulness she facilitates an integrative approach engaging others and leaving no stone unturned.

Engage Annette, for your next inspirational meeting, keynote, or training focused on healthy, high-performing living environments, LEED and WELL! Annette is available as a keynote (30-90 minutes) plus half or full day workshop and online live delivery.

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“This year at DaVita, we engaged with Annette to lead and teach our annual LEED Green Associate exam prep class to our teammates [employees] and local community members. Annette’s expertise in the green building industry coupled with her organized demeanor, created an exceptional experience for the attendees. Not only did the attendees walk away prepared to take their exam, they learned practical green building knowledge from Annette. We are grateful for her partnership.” – Casey Stock, LEEP AP O+M, Sustainability Manager, DaVita

Current Courses:

LEED Green Associate Exam Prep

If you are interested in green building techniques; sustainable practices and strategies; energy, resource and water conservation; and healthy interiors it’s time to get your professional green credentials. Your first step is to pursue your LEED Green Associate accreditation and this in-person, live webinar will set you up for success!

“I wanted to say thank you for all of your help the past few months in answering our questions, and preparing us for the exam. Everyone that took the Green Associate exam at our firm, passed. Additionally, the three of us that chose to take a specialty passed as well. So I wanted to say thank you, as becoming a LEED AP was a huge goal for me!” – Cheers, A. Boyer

Reach out to annette@inspirit-llc.com for the current workshop schedule.

“Annette, I truly enjoyed your ReGreen class in Chicago. Your background in interior design helped me understand the importance of what interior changes will make the difference in future homes and lifestyles. I feel blessed to be part of this amazing group and look forward to being certified. Thank you again, for all you do to help ASID and USGBC work toward a common goal to help our environment.” – Lisa Marie McClung, ECO Broker

Materials World: Navigating LEED v4 Materials Credits

This course takes a close look at the Building Disclosure and Optimization credits in LEED v4, the changes in thinking from LEED 2009, and strategies and tools used to determine material health.

“This is the best course I’ve seen on LEED v4 Materials Credits.” – Elisa Rocha, Senior Associate, TVA Architects, Inc

Reach out to annette@inspirit-llc.com for the current workshop schedule.

Achieving Healthy Interiors

Identify and implement healthy and high performance interior design practices and technologies in both residential and commercial buildings.

“Very relevant information that goes beyond the typical Indoor Air Quality standards to address best practices that take into account chemical sensitivities, and preventing unintended chemical compounds in the built environment.” – Leslie Utley, Systems Integration Manager, Center for International Education, Inc.

Reach out to annette@inspirit-llc.com for the current workshop schedule.

You can now buy Annette’s book,
Sustainable Residential Interiors,
on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and from Wiley Publishing.

Environmental and health issues affecting the design of homes have moved into the mainstream as sustainable design has grown exponentially over the past decade. Today, there are countless resources available to the general public, demanding that residential interior designers understand, adopt and implement the current body of knowledge. As a result of this, it is essential that interior designers be the catalysts for change by providing up to date, credible, and responsible services.

The Second Edition of Sustainable Residential Interiors addresses cutting- edge processes, strategies, and principles as well as details for in-depth product vetting criteria. Award-winning, leading interior designer Annette Stelmack shares her expertise from the perspective of LEED BuildingDesign & Construction projects, healthy interiors, and chemical sensitivities, addressing principles, strategies, and solutions for design practitioners. A comprehensive update of the current state of the sustainable interior design industry is provided, including present and upcoming industry transformations, thought-leading principles, strategies and practices for project implementation, and fine points and resources for in-depth product vetting to support high-performing, healthy interiors.

Sustainable Residential Interiors takes readers through an integrated design process, demonstrating relevant principles and practices that apply to essentially any interiors project toward creating an environment that is healthy, high-performing, functional, sustainable, and beautiful. In doing so, it:

  • Promotes critical thinking about health and environmental issues in the building industry
  • Features checklists and current resources, providing a “hands on” practical approach
  • Addresses in-depth, applicable third party certifications and details on relevant building rating systems
  • Provides in-depth strategies and criteria for fixed interior finishes, fixtures, equipment and furnishings
  • Demonstrates successful, relevant, diverse and inspiring case studies
  • Delivers comprehensive tools and resources for researching and vetting products’ composition and chemical make-up.
  • Evaluates all aspects of a building’s interior to identify and implement methods that: save energy and water; reduce Co2 emissions and waste; improve indoor air quality free of toxins; and are responsive to environmental impacts
  • Encourages forward-thinking by featuring inspirational statements from mentors, peers, and industry leaders
  • Urges interior designers to commit to designing safe, healthy environments that are integral to a professional code of ethics, which ensure the delivery of positive outcomes for the client and any building’s future occupants

“An essential guide and much needed tool, it will enable interior designers to create homes within our communities that are better places for our current and next generations.”  – Linda Sorrento, LEED Fellow, FASID, IIDA Principal Sustainable Practice – Sorrento Consulting, LLC

“Terrific book! The author guides you step by step through all the selections you make when building or designing a livable interior space, free from most of the harmful chemicals we know of today. Making sustainable choices, and reducing your carbon footprint is a challenging job, but this book teaches you how! I know the author, and assisted in the research, and it was a wonderful experience. It is an honor to call Annette my friend. I hope you enjoy the read!” – RRG; Amazon.com Review

‘TOXSICK: Learn How to Overcome Toxic Illness and Limit your Toxic Exposure”

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“Because the content of this course is relevant to my everyday life, both in the office and at home, as well as to the family and friends I work with, I find myself questioning all the materials that surround me. “Seek constant improvement by the sharing of knowledge.” Annette did this by not only teaching us so much about interior design, IAQ and how it relates to green building and what materials we choose, but how we should think about how we live our life, and I think this is what is most important. Thank you Annette for your knowledge and insight!. Thanks for all the helpful resources. Wonderful course!” – Florence Abrenica, Development Manager, Greenberg Farrow Architecture Inc.