Sustainable Renovation / Hospitality

An extensive renovation of the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek public areas focused on enlivening the spaces with a fresh color palette and sophisticated furnishings to reflect an updated and contemporary mountain design.  The Hyatt creates a sense of place as a cornerstone within the Beaver Creek community.  The vibrant palette, tactile luxurious fabrics and whimsical art co-mingle to create an atmosphere of comfort, warmth and continuity where guests can relax and enjoy the Colorado Rockies. Rich, intricate compilation of color, pattern and texture reveal an inviting scene that entices guests to linger in the beauty of their surroundings. Interiors are at ease with the brilliant mountain light and magnificent landscape. The sustainability lens incorporated biodegradable wall covering materials applied with water based adhesives, integral colored plaster walls with waxed finishes, wood flooring sourced from managed forests, zero/low VOC paints, energy efficient light fixtures, furnishings designed for longevity with quality construction and enduring style, custom pieces constructed with water-based adhesives and stains, and the re-use of existing furnishings were incorporated into the designs, needing only slight adjustments, while others were donated for re-use.

Project supervised and led by Annette K Stelmack while Design Director/Sr. Project Designer with Associates III